USDA Streamline

USDA Refinance – Streamline Your Current USDA Loan

Streamlining your USDA loan to a lower interest rate has never been easier.

Save money every month…

Who can do a USDA Streamline Refinance?

The Guaranteed Rural Housing Refinance Program, or USDA Streamline, is for homeowners who already have a USDA home loan and would like to refinance to take advantage of lower interest rates.

The streamline refinance is simple: a new mortgage is created that pays off the current USDA mortgage and takes advantage of today’s lower interest rates.

The qualification process is quick and easy and generally requires NO appraisal and NO credit check.

It also does not matter if your home is no longer in a USDA rural development eligible area. However, because this program is so borrower-friendly, there is no option to receive cash out. The refinance is strictly to lower your interest rate and reduce your payment every month.

Have a USDA Loan and Wish to Lower Your Interest Rate?

With CREFCO, it’s quick and easy.

(By refinancing your home loan, the finance charges you pay may be higher over the life of the loan.)

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