Spring Cleaning Tips For Your Small Apartment

So, you’re looking for some tips to help with cleaning and organizing your small apartment this Spring. Boy, have you arrived at the mecca of trustworthy advice coming from an internet source! Even though I write about mortgages and my topics typically have nothing to do with apartments and all to do with buying homes, rest easy knowing that this advice is going to be life-changing. So let’s get to the nitty-gritty!

Bedroom Spring Cleaning and Organizing Tips

Does your bedroom feel a bit too small for all of the things you currently own? Is your closet too small for the clothes you currently have? Are you having trouble getting your dresser drawers to close? If the answer is yes to any of these questions, our tips can help you with managing all of your clutter!

The best advice I could give you is just throw a lot of your things out. You’re not even really wearing half of the clothes you own anyway. I don’t care if any of your items hold some sentimental value, throw it out.

If you’re not interested in throwing things out, another option would be to move into a new home with a walk in closet!

Something like this one:

Spring Cleaning Closet

Not only does this walk-in closet (that I know your apartment does not have) offer the flexibility and the ability to organize all of your wardrobe, you most importantly do not need to throw anything away! Although, you should probably get rid of the pair of jeans that look like they’ve been thrown in the washer accompanied by a hacksaw and a toaster. This is very solid advice. Please do not wear those ever again.

Bathroom Cleaning and Organizing Tips!

When it comes to managing the tidiness of your bathroom, it’s very easy to add clutter over time here as well. You know what adds to the difficulty of keeping a tidy bathroom? Lack of space. Yes, that’s right. If you had a bigger bathroom, you could have more space to manage those items. You could probably have a second toilet paper holder and nobody would even judge you.

You know who has room for a second toilet paper holder? This person does.

Spring Cleaning Bathroom


Keeping your bathroom organized and tidy is easy when you have enough space to put things into cabinets. It’s also nice when there’s enough surface area on shelves to actually place your toiletries. Simply stated, it is much easier to stay uncluttered when you have the space to do so.

Last Tip: Still Feeling Confined By Clutter? Buy A House

If you actually thought you were going to get some good tips about how to fold your clothes properly, or the best way to create space where it doesn’t exist, you came to the wrong place. But what I will tell you, is that having a small apartment can make organized living impossible (unless you throw everything away). Especially when you’ve been in a small apartment for a few years, and the accumulation of personal items have made you rethink buying things you actually need.

An easy fix to staying tidy is to find a home that compliments your style and also gives you the space you want. Not only are you investing in a home that may eventually give you a return in investment through equity, you’re creating a place where you can feel good about staying in. A place you can fully expand and stretch your legs without worrying about the claustrophobic feeling of being trapped. A place you can call home.

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