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What is the CREFCO Agent Referral Program?

First of all, this is NOT a paid referral system. Our goal is to create a business environment that is solely based on referral clients, and to achieve this we have made real estate agent relationships our #1 priority. We want our company to be flourishing now and 100 years from now, and we want you to be a part of that success!

By establishing a relationship with quality agents from each county, we will be able to refer every pre-approved buyer we work with to a local agent for help finding a home. When an agent has proven themselves to be successful, we add them to our Green List and will continue to refer them over and over. Now, not only will we have a partner in getting borrowers smoothly from purchase contract to closing, but that agent will be getting a stream of qualified borrowers sent their way directly from us. It's a win-win!

How The Program Works?

65% of our borrowers come to us without a real estate agent. When this happens, our loan officers select an agent from our database that is organized by county. Green list agents are our first choice and yellow list agents are our second choice. We will not select a red list agent.


We have discovered that working with quality agents who are familiar with our company results in a smoother loan process overall. We want to find agents that provide top-notch service to us and their clients, and send business to them. This partnership benefits you - the agent, CREFCO and our shared clients.

Join the CREFCO Agent Referral Program

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Our Core Values

We are a cooperative working together to create an environment of continual personal growth while using creativity and technology to reinvent the home loan process.
  • Positive
  • Humble
  • Adaptable
  • Transparent
  • Accountable
  • Fun to be Around


Over 10 years ago we developed a marketing strategy that put us in the top searches online for government loans. We are an internet based mortgage company with a steady stream of exclusive, qualified leads coming in every single day. This results in many buyers being pre-approved daily through our programs.
We then must find them a local real estate agent to help find them a home. When we refer clients to an agent, we want to be sure that they are in good hands, which is why we developed the CREFCO Agent Referral Program.

Agent Classifications

Green List Agents

Green list agents have a proven track record that they:

  • understand & share our core values
  • are easy to work with
  • have great communication with us and the borrower
  • find the borrower a home in a timely manner
  • protect & promote our mutual interests
  • strongly advocate for borrowers to get the appropriate amount of seller concessions

Yellow List Agents

Show all the traits of a green list agent but more time is needed to establish a relationship.

Red List Agents

An agent exhibiting the following traits will be ineligible for referrals:

  • NOT protecting and promoting our mutual interests
  • lack of communication with us and the buyers and sellers
  • negative outlook
  • rude interactions with us and the buyers or sellers

Green List Agent Success Stories

“Not only do I receive qualified leads that are ready to buy, but then CREFCO keeps me updated so I am always well informed on where my buyers are in the process. I have been in real estate for over 30 years and working with CREFCO has made my job easier.”
Carl F. Van Wesep, REALTOR®

“I have been most fortunate to find a mortgage company like CREFCO. I have been a realtor for 24 years, and they surpass all the other mortgage companies I have used. In addition to providing excellent service to my clients, the CREFCO Agent Referral Program has helped me grow my business.”
Carolyn Potts, REALTOR®

“In my experience with the CREFCO Agent Referral Program, I have been very pleased with the referrals I have received and Iíve enjoyed the opportunity to work with such knowledgeable people. I refer all clients and potential clients to CREFCO whenever possible and I look forward to building this professional relationship with them.”
Amanda Russell, REALTOR®

“I have worked with the CREFCO Agent Referral Program on multiple transactions now. It is a great program that I highly recommend. It is truly a two way referral program that works. They will take good care of your clients and in turn refer news clients to you! No better program!”
Herb Haynes, REALTOR®